1-to-1 navigation session fee/exchange

*1-to-1 navigation session FEE/EXCHANGE:

*Fee/exchange is by donation at ‘specified levels’, for one-off sessions & session series.

[READ: Overview of Fee/exchange]

Book 3 Sessions
Book 5 Sessions
Book 8 Sessions
1-hour Session
[save £11.25]
[save £37.50]
[save £90]
1.5-hour Session £120


[save £18]


[save £60]
[save £144]

[*If you need to discuss a payment plan, please contact below.]

For booking a session please contact me

  • Helen Titchen Beeth

    “I cannot state strongly enough what a wonderful, deep, insightful mirror Sarah is. If you want to turbo your process, I recommend her as a dance partner!”
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