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About Sarah

“Sarah is a master tracker, an adept navigator of timelines, a trailblazer […] And when a scout as skilled as Sarah offers us a map, we find our own courage to step into the stream of our unique callings and to invite destiny to participate with us to co-evolve a new world.”

– Jeraldene Lovell Cole; Intuitive, Teacher, Artist

“I support individuals and collectives to surface deeper truths, cultivate consciousness and practice for wise action. I create safe, supportive and inspiring in-place and online learning environments for leaders and students to be and offer their best. I am a good listener, intuitive tracker and practice guide.”



“Since childhood Sarah has held a deep connection with nature. In particular she has a soul connection to the sea, a place and energy field where she draws inspiration, insight and metaphor. Like a wave, Sarah often asks the question: “Are we listening to the true energy that is arising?” and then allowing that true energy to move and guide, in right timing.

Sarah’s gift is to work from the multi-dimensional fields and the subtle realms; tapping the invisible, making the subtle visible. With her adventurous and pioneering heart, Sarah offers support for leaders navigating and wave riding these white water times of turbulence, transformation and change; offering 1-to-1 and group work for exploring the unknown, the alchemical and the subterranean.

For Sarah, soul is our essential vibration and our deeper truth, and a core positioning from which to live and move; bringing the wholeness of who we are into the world. With her natural ability to listen to nuance, and the multi-layered meanings beyond words, she mirrors deeper truths, bringing people closer to their essence, thereby amplifying fields of individual and collective consciousness.

For over 35 years, she has offered her diverse array of skills as soul guide/mentor, researcher, navigator, field-weaver and host; journeying through different work spheres as an outdoor educator, lecturer, naval officer, mentor, farmer and host; co-initiating the Art of Hosting as well as founding Axladitsa-Avatakia, the Living Wholeness Institute and Conscious Evolution. Sarah offers experience, practice and story from who she is and the unique vantage point she brings.”
– Interview, 2017-


“I live on the cliff-top with my partner Neil, in my birth-town of Whitby, northeast England, returning after 30 years of living and working in different countries … currently listening to the longing for land, stewardship and home.”

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  • Neil Hewison

    “We all skim the surface of life, too fearful of going to depth. Sarah’s passion, and her life work is to take you to the depths of your truth in a gentle and understanding way; her gift is to hold you in love and in a non-judgemental safe space.”
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