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Author, poet, practice leader and researcher of systemic transformation, subtle artistry & conscious evolution.

‘Collective Alchemy: A co-sensory meandering through the era shift in search of the Via Creativa’ (2024)

This book is the second of two Collective Alchemy publications, and sequels the Collective Alchemy Practice Guide (2019). It chronicles the co-sensory journey beginning September 2017, until the conscious closing of the PRACTICE (in ways practiced thus far) in December 2022, not closing collective alchemy as a NATURAL phenomenon. 

Field author of ‘Collective Alchemy Practice Guide’ (2019)

The ‘Collective Alchemy Practice Guide’ is the fruit of a collective action research process exploring and explicating the practices of Collective Alchemy: one approach for amplifying the consciousness of awakening individuals in service to the current era shift and the evolution of Gaia.

‘The Order of Creation’ & ‘Release the Winged Ones’ (2015)

These two Books of Poems chronicle a pathway of living life through a perspective of wholeness, guided by the experience, voice and poetry of Sarah Whiteley.

‘The fine line of destiny’ (2013)

‘The fine line of destiny’ is an auto-biographical memoir, Modern Myth and practice guide of the subtle artistry of living wholeness and conscious intentional evolution. It is a story about what happens when you hear a Call and follow it. Not an idle, fanciful call, but a Call that resonates so deep in the soul that it ignites a journey of discovery – uncharted, yet destined.

Publications & Articles (2008 – present)

Author, poet, practice leader and researcher of systemic transformation, subtle artistry & conscious evolution: “I am inspired by how evolving the edge of our consciousness and actions in service of life, demands the inclusion of subtle arts and intelligences from multiple dimensions in order to contribute to the systemic shifts needed at this time, including evolving the power of consciousness itself.”

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  • Rachel Sinha

    ‘Fit for a planet’, The Order of Creation ~ “Beautiful poem from Sarah Whiteley inspired by FiLab – relevant to anyone building new paradigm for people and planet”, Rachel Sinha, co-initiator fiLab, UK
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