Collective Alchemy

Practices for the Era Shift.

Collective Alchemy is one approach to amplify the consciousness of awakening individuals in service of the era shift and the evolution of Gaia.

**A NEW Autumn Offering: ‘Collective Alchemy Deep Dive’, coming soon!

Experience the Practice of Collective Alchemy:

  1. A *NEW* Autumn Offering: ‘Collective Alchemy Deep Dive’ is coming soon. Essence is shared here, and below. If you are interested in participating, and wish to receive more information in due course, please get in touch.
  2. To stay connected, receive updates and join us in practice via Portal Day open calls (resuming in the autumn), please explore and subscribe via the Collective Alchemy Homepage.
  3. See below, a selection of visual harvests from Phase 1 ‘we-thesis’ action research, (2017-2019), by Viola Clark, and Phase 2 (April 2020-May 2022) visuals & poetry from practitioners in the field.

Collective Alchemy Deep Dive, Autumn 2022

An invitation to newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike, to: experience and deepen Collective Alchemy practice with a committed and dedicated circle of hosts and practitioners; one way of continuing our transitioning and transformative work as a collective, and our evolving presence in the world.

Contact for more details

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