Collective Alchemy

Practices for the Era Shift.

Collective Alchemy is one approach to amplify the consciousness of awakening individuals in service of the era shift and the evolution of Gaia.

Explore the Practice of Collective Alchemy:

  1. See the Collective Alchemy Website which includes the Collective Alchemy Practice Guide, a rich library of Blogs & Harvests, and much more. To receive updates, and invitations, subscribe via the website.
  2. Enjoy a selection of visual harvests (below) from Collective Alchemy Phase 1 ‘we-thesis’ action research, (2017-2019), by Viola Clark, and Phase 2 (April 2020-May 2022) visuals & poetry from practitioners in the field.
  3. And, Collective Alchemy is transitioning into the Via Creativa (gold frequency, creativity & togetherness). To stay tuned, subscribe via the website.
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