Elements of the Deep Dive

“Collective Alchemy can be defined as a complex set of practices that, when mastered, create the conditions for right relationship and rich interaction between humans and Cosmos, in service of the evolution of Gaia.”

  • Collective Calls: One 2-hour Zoom call per week, for 6 weeks in a row (tbc), experiencing and deepening our practice and inquiry;
  • Triad group call(s) (set up in week 3), for self-organised practice, integration & reflection;
  • One 1-to-1 navigation session (scheduled during the session-series) – for deepening your personal process; a way of moving closer to the fire, positioning yourself on the coal face of your own personal alchemical work.
  • Join or continue practicing via portal days (open calls*), with the wider Collective Alchemy community), and continue practicing over time. (Open calls* will resume in the Autumn.)

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