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I offer and teach skills for individuals and collectives to cultivate consciousness, coherent practice and wise action. I create supportive and inspiring in-place and online learning environments for leaders and students to be their best.

I train leaders to become skilled practitioners, through apprenticing to the arts of co-designing and co-hosting strategic engagement processes; also, offering 1-on-1 transition mentoring, leading collaborative research learning opportunities and publishing books and articles.

I draw navigational aptitudes from time served in the Royal Navy; leading and teaching groups in mountain and cave leadership, and from the more subtle realms, of attuning at depth to invisible energy-mapping and influences, honed within my shiatsu practice and soul-centred workshops and transition-mentoring.

My key competence is practice guiding through apprenticeship; cultivating communities of practice where subtle artistry, leadership skills and transformative capacities are forged, for weathering the storms and navigating these wild and complex times!

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