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The Art of Life, featuring Michael Behrens

A documentary about the art of living outside of conventions, in deep integrity with one’s essence.

The Art of Life is an inspiring film, that for me is about harmony, presence, beauty, evolution … invitation, intimacy, vitality, aliveness, communion with all life, and so much more!

To quote Michael, who’s story we witness: “Everything here was built for the moment, for the experience […] “evolution is a process of iteration, there’s no plan, there’s no master plan. It’s in each moment. What happens in my life is a process of iteration.” […] “so there’s nothing to accomplish” […] “the mathematics that the universe is designed on is beautiful. If you can see the beauty in everybody, then you can appreciate in love. […] we humans are drowning in a sea of things: complexity, stress, ideas … complexity has been woven into the fabric of our soul. Just play, just be, jump in with love, swim into this, saying a whole new prayer.”

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