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The Astoundingly Dynamic Energy of 2022 by Sarah McCrum

“Hear the extraordinary potential of this year to initiate transformation through our entire system.”

The Astoundingly Dynamic Energy of 2022 by Sarah McCrum  is powerful! Yes, we are well into 2022, so watching this during the latter months of 2022, (and over the months to follow) will invite greater reflection around where we’ve been and what we’re moving into. Certainly, there is navigational wisdom in looking back, based in ‘the current reality of now’, to then be moving forward. Some inspiring ‘Dynamic Energy’ essences are shared here.

To quote Sarah McCrum: “The opportunity really is to see into the essence […] it’s not seeing into the roots of the problems, its seeing into the roots of the potential […] – the potentiality – […] an important word, because it’s not a fixed potential, it’s a very dynamic potentiality [that] contains the potential for potential. […] So, in seeing the potential, you open up more potential and then you need to see into the essence of that which opens up more potential” … “what happens in that moment of seeing is that this dynamic – it’s not really a release of power […] it’s a liberation of power that happens simultaneously as you see the essence.” … “the power that is liberated in that moment of seeing the essence is a very different power than I think we have been used to experiencing and talking about and looking for and searching and training ourselves to become stronger in.” … “We are used to kind of power that has a ripple effect …”this [potentiality] effect to me is more like a lift-off effect” … “in that moment of seeing it’s almost vertical […] but actually its multi-dimensional […]So what ensues is an instantaneous change […] quantum energy  […] is becoming available […] if we learn how to do this this year it is a skill that will stay with us for life.”

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