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Overview of “by donation”

Mapping the way “by donation” is set up for navigating transition: Appreciating and reciprocating the skills, goods and services offered here.

For many years, I have been exploring and researching ‘economia’/economy: one way of “keeping our home in order”; and as part of this, exploring the energy of money and my/our relationship to it.

At this time:

Our world of ‘economia’ continues to use money as a modality and *’marker of value’, and as one way of appreciating, exchanging and reciprocating the sharing of skills, goods and services.

I, Sarah Whiteley, offer my gifts and receive monetary compensation for my presence, time and offerings, and am doing so by donation.

My meaning of “by Donation”:

“By donation” does not mean I work for no money. I value what I offer, and money is a necessary form at this time for sustaining life needs and developing Conscious Evolution, which the work of navigating transition is key.

A note from my journey of EXCHANGING, giving and receiving “by donation”:

In my own work and the work of others, I experience the energy of “by donation” as one way of aligning more fully with how nature works: in the spirit of sharing energy and resources for thrive-ability; as a profound practice inviting deeper contemplation, personal reflection, discernment, and conscious choice; and, as an amplifier of the flow and spirit of generosity, reciprocity and appreciation. Irrespective of whether the donation is ‘set’ or ‘variable’, it slows me down, makes me think. It is different to ‘paying a price’. I am curious what you will discover!

AS SUCH, Each Offering has a Specific “BY DONATION” ‘format’:

Therefore, offering my work “by donation” invites you (where appropriate) into a process of discernment. Specifically, to discern and give whatever you feel is right for you to give: in reciprocity and appreciation for my presence, time, experience and work ~~ and in alignment with your heart, wellness and monetary means.

*’Marker of value’, a term used by Tyson Yunkaporta, author of Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World.

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