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Overview of ‘by donation’

Mapping the way by donation is set up for navigating transition: Appreciating and reciprocating my presence, time, experience and skills offered here.

For many years, I have been exploring and researching ‘economia’/economy: one way of “keeping our home in order”; and as part of this, exploring the energy of money and my/our relationship to it.

At this time:

At this time on the planet, our world continues to use money as a modality and *’marker of value’, and as one way of appreciating, exchanging and reciprocating the sharing of skills, goods and services. Money remains a necessary energy-form for sustaining life needs, nourishing choice and generating thrival. Currently, too, there is choice in the monetary pattern, e.g., fixed pricing, suggested ‘bench-mark’ levels, minimum donations, donation ranges, sliding scales, top-ups, and includes practical and ethical considerations as well.

My Choice IS, ‘by Donation’:

I, sarah whiteley, choose to share my gifts and receive monetary compensation for my presence, time, skills and experience ‘by donation’.

‘By donation’ does not mean I work for no money. I value what I offer; hold and share my skills and experience in the spirit of the gift, and, recognise “money remains a necessary energy-form for sustaining life needs, nourishing choice and generating thrival”, as named above.

A note from my JOURNEY of giving and receiving ‘by donation’:

In sharing my own work/offerings and in working with others, I experience the energy of ‘by donation’ as one way of aligning more fully with how nature works: in the spirit of sharing energy and resources as gifts in exchange, for thrival; as a profound practice inviting deeper contemplation, personal reflection, discernment, and conscious choice; and, as an amplifier of flow, generosity and appreciation. Irrespective of whether the donation is ‘set’ or ‘variable’, it slows me down, makes me think. It is different to ‘paying a price’.

I am curious what you will discover!

INVITATION INTO A PRocess of Discernment:

Sharing these offerings ‘by donation’ invites you into a process of discernment. Specifically, to discern and give whatever you feel is right for you to give: in reciprocity, generosity and appreciation for my presence, time, experience and skills ~~ and in alignment with your heart, wellness and monetary means.

*’Marker of value’, a term used by Tyson Yunkaporta, author of Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World.

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