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From ‘The Order of Creation’, A Book of Poems by Sarah Whiteley

Unless we engage our authentic selves,
We cannot live the future now.

Unless we engage our fullness,
We cannot take the leap individually and call in collectively.

Unless we tremble collectively, We cannot presence the new.

Unless we take a leap together,
We cannot access and live the next level of our humanity.

Unless we are willing to hold the space open long enough for our Collective clarity to emerge,
We cannot shift our systems and behaviour for the better.

Unless we fuse the streams of practice and inquiry,
We cannot see what else is possible and be prepared to meet our chaos.

Unless we acknowledge our collective identity,
We cannot co-create our real work.

Unless we understand our complicatedness,
We cannot find the simplicity of the next elegant step.

Unless we share our new insights immediately,
We do not serve evolution.

Unless we burn for something real,
We will not live our destiny.

Unless we live through our collective identity,
We cannot become whole.

Unless, from ‘The Order of Creation’,
A Book of Poems by Sarah Whiteley

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