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Education & Skills

Here is the educational pathway for I, Sarah Whiteley, and the stepping stones completed for offering my multi-skilled creative work into educating, researching, writing, subtle artistry, field weaving and navigating.

Experience & Competences

For 24 years, the core of my work and experience has been initiating, co-founding and co-leading globally recognised participatory leadership programmes, practices and learning fields for the systemic transformation and conscious evolution of leaders (young people to elder age), within organisational, community and individual contexts.

Overview & Specific Project Portfolio

Here you will find the overview and specific projects initiated, co-founded, collaboratively crafted and shared with individuals, small groups, communities and collectives, plus other fields of creativity and contribution, for over 35 years.

Books & Publications

Author, poet, practice leader and researcher of systemic transformation, subtle artistry & conscious evolution, I am inspired by how evolving the edge of our consciousness and actions in service of life, demands the inclusion of subtle arts and intelligences from multiple dimensions in order to contribute to the systemic shifts needed at this time, including evolving the power of consciousness itself.

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