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Overview + Specific Focus Portfolios (1) & (2)


April 2022-present: Navigating transition, living in the gift.

August 2017-April 2022: Initiating and co-stewarding the transformative practice of Collective Alchemy, a systemic action research project and practice field of Conscious Evolution. Collective Alchemy is “one approach to amplify the consciousness of awakening individuals in service of the era shift and the evolution of Gaia”.

February 2013-April 2022: CEO of Conscious Evolution, Co-Initiating and co-creating participatory leadership programmes, practices and learning fields. Process designing and hosting; mentoring; authoring; action researching: working with individuals and groups world-wide in building capacity and practice for navigating transitions in this time of turbulence, transformation and change.

July 2018-Sept 2018: Director of Self Mastery Mentoring Programme, Ubiquity University. (release due to ill-health).

January 2007-2013: Owner and co-director of Hara Practice Ltd, co-owner and land steward of Axladitsa-Avatakia, Greece, and co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute (LWI), an organisational collaborative consultancy. I delivered leadership training and large-scale multi-stakeholder engagement and was co-founder of both The SIZ-Hellas and The Powers of Place Initiative.

2001-2013: Owner & co-director of Hara Practice Ltd; co-initiator & steward of the Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter (AoH), co-founder of Greece-based learning centre, Axladitsa Avatakia, home-ground of the Living Wholeness Institute. Hara Practice Ltd operated as an organisational collaborative consultancy, hosting UK- and internationally-based strategic partnership / multi-stakeholder events, and leadership trainings.

1999-2000: Prince’s Trust Team Leader; hosting three 12-week personal development / leadership programmes for 16-25 year olds. (Chippenham, Bath, Bristol, (UK))

1988-1999: Part-time Administrator of European Shiatsu School (Marlborough, UK)

1989-1990 & 1992-1998: Teaching and Outdoor Educator roles including Lecturer, Supply Teacher, Windsurfing Specialist & Camp Counsellor, Junior Leadership Program Guide, Outdoor Educator and Water Sports Instructor (UK, US, Europe)

1991-1992: Royal Navy Sub-Lieutenant, Seaman Officer: Undertaking leadership, ambassadorial, seamanship and command training at Britannia Naval College, plus on-board and overseas tours, I then served on board a Royal Navy Frigate. Continuing command training and working closely with all ship’s departments, my core duties included serving as navigator on the Bridge, plus specialised areas of command.

1985-1987: Outdoor Educator Volunteer / Trainee (UK); Windsurfing Specialist / Camp Counsellor (US).

Specific Focus Portfolio (1)

Founding, co-initiating and co-stewarding leadership programmes, practices and learning fields.

Specific Focus Portfolio (2)

Consultancy: Trainings, Events and Initiatives:

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