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Published Author; contributor to online magazines; blog writer; field-weaver and translator of subtle intelligences of people and place within systemic transformation processes.

2024: Field host, source-keeper and foreword author of ‘Collective Alchemy: A co-sensory meandering through the era shift in search of the Via Creativa’.

2019: Field-Author of ‘The Collective Alchemy Practice Guide’.

2015: Author of ‘The Order of Creation’ and ‘Release the Winged Ones’, Two Books of Poems, published with 2nd Tier Publishing, available on Amazon.

2013: Author of ‘The fine line of destiny: The Subtle Artistry of Conscious, Intentional Evolution, available on Lulu: Paperback & e-book.

2013-ongoing: Audio Blogs and a selection of Poems on SoundCloud.

2011 & 2012: Contributor to Orion Magazine (Online) ‘Place Where You Live’ Series: (1) Axladitsa Avatakia, Greece – Edge of the Aegean, and (2) Europe (Greece & United Kingdom).

2011: Contributor to Organisation Unbound: ‘Taking the Revolution Forward: Reflections from Greece’: (1) Dancing the Space Open; and (2) Safety Nets for Learning.

2011: Co-author of commissioned publication, ‘The Four Rooms: creating a Learning Ecology for systemic transformation’, Living Wholeness Institute.

2009-2012: Contributor to ‘Walk Out Walk On’ Blog, Greece and Walk Out Walk On‘ World.

2008-2012: Online community host & global field-weaver of Axladitsa Ning Forum.

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