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Guided transition experiences: 1 on 1, with partner or small group.

Guided transition experiences are in-person or online opportunities for you to immerse in your authentic flow and tune your ‘inner compass’ with the multidimensional wisdom of the field. These one or two day immersive learning journeys are for aligning your current rite of passage with the most benevolent trajectory of your next phase of life and purpose.

What to expect in a retreat

As your guide, I will host you (and your retreat-partner, or small group) through a series of bespoke reflective and interactive practice-waves, including:

  • 1-on-1 personal navigation sessions, circle conversation
  • Shiatsu-based body-work*, Tarot readings
  • Reflection and integration space

I will offer a variety of navigational skills for you to practice real time, distilled from my experience as a naval officer, outdoor educator and process host, whilst co-sensing and collectively presencing what is needed … tracking process and progress throughout.

Pre & post retreat protocol

One complimentary 1-hour pre-retreat session supports our preparations by setting intention and beginning reflective practice until being together in person, or online. Additional pre-retreat and post-retreat navigation sessions are highly recommended for tuning, tracking and onward travel.

Retreat – by donation

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