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Specific Focus Portfolio (1)

Founding, co-initiating and co-stewarding leadership programmes, practices and learning fields.

Archinool: This collaboratively hosted initiative, based in Israel, offered ‘a meaningful and creative movement toward sustainability’. As co-steward of the Living Wholeness practice, I co-designed and hosted the seeding of this initiative. Skills included AoH and living wholeness practices, as below.

Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter (AoH): Co-initiator of AoH, creating in collaboration this global participatory approach to leadership. My skills served in developing and stewarding the foundations of the practice and the cultivation of wider, on-going stewardship; seeding AoH trainings worldwide and pioneering this body of practices as an operating system for multi-stakeholder strategic change processes and participatory leadership trainings.

Collective Alchemy: Founder and initiator of this global, collective, transformative practice and practitioner’s field (currently hosted online) “preparing awakening humans to step into co-creative, transformative, generative (r)evolution with all life.” Focus of MA Thesis, I initiated this practice as a collaborative ‘We-thesis’ – a ground-breaking approach within the University; leading and co-hosting a 14-month online learning journey with a global field of learners and practitioners, exploring how alchemical practice can deepen and accelerate “inner transformation for outer change and the transmutation of consciousness” in response to the challenges of our times.  

Collective Healing: Co-initiator of this collaborative practice, designing and hosting the inaugural gathering.  Specifically, I shared my experience of working with multi-dimensional fields of practice and context, including complex systems, subtle arts and hosting field practice and intelligence.

Living Wholeness Immersions: Co-developed and hosted this globally recognised 8-day flagship learning experience of the Living Wholeness Institute, based at Axladitsa-Avatakia, Greece. A programme for ‘new culture catalysts’, it was for “those seeding innovations, growing systemic impact, cultivating collective learning or simply living on or leaning towards a new edge. It served by helping leaders to shift, deepen, and be initiated into a new level of consciousness, maturity, and collective practice.” Stewarded both in-place and online fields of practice, hosting and participation. Some of the collaborative practices offered within the immersion experience became bespoke learning programmes, including the Art of Protection, Collective Sourcing, Powers of Place and Apprenticing to Mastery.

Powers of Place Initiative: Founding steward of this global practice field, exploring “what becomes possible when we are in intentional relationship with powers of place?”

Simorgh School of Wisdom:Co-initiated this ‘Wisdom School of Not-knowing’ based in Anatolia, Turkey, bringing experience of stewarding initiatives and the collaborative practices of hosting and Living Wholeness.

SIZ-Hellas: Co-founder of this initiative based in Greece: a collaborative response to local and global challenges using hosting practices (AoH) and Living Wholeness.

Wave Riding Workshop Series: With concept prototyped at Harvard in 2015, initiated and co-hosted this 3-month online programme, offering perspectives and practices for ‘Leading and navigating in times of turbulence, transformation and change, from soul-centredness.’

Specific Focus Portfolio (2)

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