Specific Focus Portfolio (2)

Consultancy work: Trainings, Events and Initiatives

Art of Hosting (AoH) / Participatory Leadership Trainings:
  • Co-trained and co-hosted the stewardship, development and practices for cross-cultural recovery and reconciliation in the Middle East (annual events 2005-2008) with the Centre for Emerging Futures
  • External Consultant/Trainer in Participatory Leadership Workshops for European Commission personnel;
  • Co-steward of AoH Trainings in Germany, Israel, UK, Turkey, U.S & Kenya;
  • Co-steward of four ‘Train the Trainer’ Courses for Community Organisers Network, UK.
Large-scale Stakeholder Engagement Events:
  • In collaboration, designed and delivered events for UK Local Government, Education and Healthcare sectors in Wiltshire, Devon and West Yorkshire, plus the Healthcare & Education sectors in the U.S.;
  • Co-hosted a 1200-person strategic ‘World cafe’ process at the Annual PEJE Conference (2008).
Strategic Conversations:
  • Designed and hosted strategic conversations with ISL Schools’ management team in London & Surrey, UK;
  • Co-hosted PEJE Jewish Day School Annual Coaches Retreats (2006 & 2007) for U.S. staff based nation-wide.
Systems Change Initiatives:
  • As member of ‘The Hara Collaborative’, offered strategic hosting support in the process pathway of The Finance Innovation Lab, in order to cultivate new perspectives and possibilities for the Lab; also, for a sister project Tasting the Future within WWF-UK and the food system. Specifically, practices of hosting (AoH) and Living Wholeness were offered.
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