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‘The fine line of destiny’

The subtle artistry of conscious intentional evolution – Second Edition

‘The fine line of destiny’ is an auto-biographical memoir, Modern Myth and practice guide of the subtle artistry of living wholeness and conscious evolution. It is a story about what happens when you hear a Call and follow it. Not an idle, fanciful call, but a Call that resonates so deep in the soul that it ignites a journey of discovery – uncharted, yet destined.

‘The fine line of destiny’ is written through the lens of one life – a journeyer, a pioneer and a leader – and illuminates a landscape that inspired and evolved a Soul-calling and the callings of others. Written through poetry and prose, it is a story deeply personal and inherently universal…time-specific and timeless…historical and hysterical…joyful and painful…an embarkation and an excavation…lived and still being lived.


“May this Book serve as inspiration for the Callings that reside in you.”

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  • Jeraldene Lovell-Cole

    “Sarah is a master tracker, an adept navigator of timelines, a trailblazer who elegantly articulates her unfolding story of consciously waking up. Through accessing future memories, mythic characters and ordinary live, Sarah shares practices and reveals the emerging archetypes of wholeness, subtle artistry and conscious evolution by living them first then chronicling them for us. This story is a guide to inspire us into the deeper questions of who we are and why we are here. And when a scout as skilled as Sarah offers us maps and navigational tools, we find our own courage to step into the stream of our own unique callings and to invite destiny to participate with us to co-evolve a new world.” – Jeraldene Lovell-Cole, Intuitive, Mentor, Artist
  • Deborah Frieze

    “Sarah Whiteley takes us on a journey into the heart of living wholeness, subtle artistry and conscious evolution – bold experiments in discovering what it means to create patterns and practices that are generative, productive and compassionate. To reveal lessons, she draws upon the wisdom of everything — ants, mushrooms, caves, elders, dreams, intuition, the body, ecology, economy. Yes, we are profoundly interdependent – her brilliance is her capacity to make the invisible visible, to invite us into collective sight.” – Deborah Frieze, co-founder of the Berkana Exchange and co-author with Margaret Wheatley of Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now
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