The Two Loops + wave rider

This Two Loops map-adaptation, by Peggy Holman revolutionised understanding, experience and practice yet further.

Within the original Systems’ Map, four key roles were expressed, whilst in the adaptation, a fifth was added – the wave rider – those taking the leap from ‘old’ to ‘new’. In practice, this leaping is dynamic, creative and fractal.

Applying the Two Loops (including wave rider), I have seen and experienced and that within the waves between ‘old’ and ‘new’, a ‘vortex’ exists where:

  • the ragingly powerful and infinitely subtle hyper-complex energies accelerate and release possibilities from within the chaos, amplifying  wholeness within, and without;
  • wave action activates, deepens and opens;
  • wholeness waves align, activate, accelerate;
  • attuning to self, source, stillness and purity are strengthened;
  • all that is created influences our world.

It is here, with the vortex, where the art, practice and offerings for navigating transition are focused.

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