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What to expect in a 1-to-1 navigation session

I generally work online, video-recording the session, then sending the file to you for your ongoing reflection and integration.

Typically a 1-on-1 session begins with my inviting you to share what is alive, present, and calling your attention and need for counsel. I listen to and map what I hear – sharing patterns, insights and reflections – inviting the next wave of inquiry and sense-making. We dive deeper, accessing wisdom and experience, listening for what is essential, relevant and timely. We track meaning, purpose for aligning life path with ‘inner compass’. We draw upon assets, practices and strategies already employed in facing, mitigating or navigating this or other changes to date, discerning which are most favored now for transitioning into a new state, new role or new phase. Finally, we explore and cultivate new skills, strategies and practices for: strengthening your process; cultivating resilience and self-mastery; managing the uncertainty; and supporting safe passage as you navigate onward with skillful means.

1-to1 navigation session – by donation

  • Yvonn Bartfeld

    “Sarah – A lighthouse bearing witness, a beacon of kindness, love, harmonic alignment and creativity. Mapping the integrative threads of my soul journey through systems of cosmology, astrology, navigation, resonances deep knowing and presence. With Sarah’s presence and guidance I have shifted into realms unknown, revealing a ‘new’ language. A sensate and pure understanding of journeys hidden, opening and being unravelled. Exploring with Sarah is a truly magnificent gift” – Yvonn Bartfeld
  • Helen Titchen Beeth

    “I cannot state strongly enough what a wonderful, deep, insightful mirror Sarah is. If you want to turbo your process, I recommend her as a dance partner!”
  • Ilona Kästner

    “Sarah’s loving support in becoming more aware of the undercurrents in my life’s unfolding movement has been priceless. Her ability to be present and to listen deeply while at the same time tuning precisely into specific layers of information, has brought gracefully to the surface what was really essential. I am more than grateful for having received her subtle guidance in moments when I could not see clearly through the symptoms of my daily life. Each mentoring call with her has opened a new door towards my own memory of what it means to live my life fully in resonance with my souls journey.”
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