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Why call or participate in a Flow Game?

Are you currently experiencing or facing an issue, pressing situation or ‘hot topic’, but are feeling stuck, confused, disoriented, in a spin, unable to feel clear, at ease, move forward?

  • What if you were to re-frame this as a ‘burning question’ – one you are most wanting to ask yourself – and open a space for yourself to inquire into this, with others who are also wishing to explore their own burning questions?
  • What could being hosted into a Flow Game process of personal discovery and collective inquiry reveal, and how might this nourish, inspire, clarify and support your current quest and the quests of others in gaining flow and focus for onward journeying?
  • What might we – individually and collectively – discover if a small group were to gather, tune in, inquire and explore together?

What to expect in playing a Flow Game

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